Learning Area

Learn through tutorials about practical, ethical, and social dilemmas and aspects of using telepresence systems and apply the resources to plan, reflect upon and address challenges.

Abiliti in Planning

Pedagogical Considerations

What a teacher should take into account when a pupil falls ill.

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The Role of Technology

How telepresence systems work and provide inclusion support.
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Getting Started

How teachers may at first feel about using telepresence systems.
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Abiliti in Practice

Buddy System

What peers can do to make it work.
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The highs and lows

Using a telepresence system in the best way takes time.
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How Much is Enough?

How to find out the right level of involvement in times of illness.
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Telepresence system in sports classes?

How isolation can be avoided even in difficult contexts.
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Appropriate learning settings

When all work together good solutions can be found.
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Dealing with absence

What reasons may cause not attending class.
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