In order to evaluate the effectiveness and improve the quality of the products developed in the project, during the last semester of 2023, all project partners carried out the piloting of the training programme, consisting of Result 2: ABILITI Teacher Handbook, Result 3: ABILITI training programme and Result 4: ABILITI assessment toolbox.

The main objective of the pilot was to determine the quality of the ABILITI training programme, the quality of each of the outputs and the knowledge gained through participation in the pilot.

This pilot was carried out thanks to the participation of european teachers and future teachers and, although each country developed its own timetable, they all followed the same sequence: presentation of the training programme, autonomous work of the participants with the materials and, finally, joint reflection and evaluation.

The evaluation process identified both strengths and areas for improvement in each of the products. The comments and suggestions collected during this phase were analysed individually by the partners in each country and jointly by the whole consortium in different project meetings, especially in the face-to-face meeting held in October 2023 in Leuven and in the final face-to-face meeting held in Vienna in March 2024. These two meetings were crucial for the partners to make decisions aimed at adjusting and improving the material before the final launch of the educational resources.

The pilot of this training programme represented an important step towards the development of effective pedagogical tools relevant to the european educational context. The collaboration between the project partners with teachers and future teachers proved to be very necessary in this process, highlighting the importance of working together in the quest to improve the educational inclusion of children with a chronic or long-term illness.