Questionnaire concerning

Questionnaire concerning the sense of belonging
in school

Dear teachers,


In the following questionnaire, you will find statements about the emotions and experiences of children
and adolescents at school. You will be able to understand how the pupil in question feels at school,
even if he/she is unable to attend school currently.

• Read the statements carefully and think about the pupil's daily life at school and how he or she
feels at school.
• Check the box indicating the statement that is most appropriate.
• Each statement can be answered with "Strongly disagree," "Disagree," "Agree," or "Strongly
• Please make sure to answer each statement and do not skip any, even if you are uncertain or if
the answer may not be entirely accurate.
• There are no "right" or "wrong" answers, we are interested in your opinion.

The pupil feels like an outsider (or excluded from certain activities/things/matters) at school.
The pupil easily makes new friends at school.
The pupil feels a sense of belonging at school.
The pupil feels uncomfortable and out of place at school.
The pupil appears to be well-liked by other pupils.
. The pupil feels lonely at school.

Reference: Mang J, Ustjanzew N, Leßke I and Reiss K (2019) PISA 2015 Skalenhandbuch.
Dokumentation der Erhebungsinstrumente. Münster, New York: Waxmann.